Movie of the Year: 1985

Finale: Part: Two

It’s the final four! Only four movies – out of every movie that came out in 1985 – remain in the bracket: Back to the Future, Brazil, The Breakfast Club, and Come and See! Four all-time classics with basically the same plot, but only one can move on and be knighted the movie of the year. If that wasn’t enough, we also hand out more Mooty awards, including the awards for Best Actor and Best Actress! Will The Color Purple continue to dominate the awards, despite not being eligible for Movie of the Year (it’s confusing…download and listen to find out why that is the case), or can scrappy upstart Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters finally step up, get its hands dirty, and win some gosh darn awards. Come on, Mishima! What is your malfunction? Do you hate awards? Also, The Goonies is eligible for Mooty awards, but I don’t see that happening. Anyway, all of the winners and losers are there for you…end the suspense and find out what happened.


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