Movie of the Year: 1975 – Shampoo

Movie of the Year: 1975


Movie of the Year discusses 1975’s Shampoo!

Shampoo is one of those movies they only made for a brief period in the 70s where people just sort of mill around in luxury and go through the motions of decadent life while never really getting to enjoy any of that decadence. In it Warren Beatty plays hair-stylist and “stick man” George, who bounces between his romantic entanglements with the whip-crack ricochet one might more expect to see in 1975 bonus episode subject, Tommy. Which is to say, this man is pinballing between woman, and that’s about all he has time for apparently. And so for a movie about a hair stylist, there isn’t actually that much hair styling. Speaking of the hair, it is like the collars: as big as they could get, baby. With all this going for it, how will we be able to pick between this movie and all the other ultra-eligible movies?

That’s a great question and I couldn’t be more happy that you asked.

To make this awful choice, we did what we always do and made the movies fight it out to see which was the most deserving of our love. It’s how we live. It’s how we love. And it’s how we laugh.  There are almost no easy decisions on this show: every movie is the best movie of its respective year, so to chose between them is painful and awful. But how often do we find truest pleasure in the very heart of pain? How can you drink from one without tasting the other? All of that, and probably more, on an all-new PopFilter Podcast!

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