Movie of the Year: 1975 – The Penultimate Episode

Movie of the Year: 1975

The Penultimate Episode

Movie of the Year begins the process of picking 1975’s Movie of the Year!

Our finales are so big, so bombastic, so utterly and completely over-the-top that we don’t do you the disservice of trying to cram it all into just one episode. This isn’t amateur hour. We are not jerks. Instead, like the (unpaid) pros we are, we set our sights on narrowing the field in this episode–from the 8 movies we watched and discussed this season, down to the sacred final 4. That’s right, we take 4 of the best movies of the year and declare them definitely NOT 1975’s Movie of the Year. It’s hard work but we do it. And the remaining 4 movies will be made all the stronger for it.

When we started this season with Barry Lyndon, we thought we’d never get sick of talking about the movies of 1975. That was many, many months ago. In the time since then, we have covered every theatrical release of that year and even some made-for-TV stuff that you wouldn’t wish upon your worst enemy. What’s that? I’m being told that that is a huge lie and that no one can interrupt articles because of the way time and writing works. Those are both good things to know. Apologies.

We also give out a ton of our highly prized (by Hollywood, not us, we’re over it) Mooties. These awards are given to the best and the worst of the motion picture industry and are highly sought after despite being haunted. All of that, and absolutely more, on an all-new Movie of the Year!

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