Movie of the Year: 1975 – Mixtape

Movie of the Year: 1975


The Taste Buds make a playlist of all the funky jams of 1975!

1975 was a weird time, in both the world at large and the world of music. If you look at the top of the Billboard chart, it’s a who’s-who of pee-yew: stinky, that is. But the Billboard charts of the time are a lot like a slice of anchovy pizza: gross at the top yet better the lower you go. Is that even a thing anymore, anchovy pizza? We got so riled about the whole pineapple pizza quagmire, but dang anchovy is the grossest pizza bar none. Okay, they’re gonna kill me for this being so wildly off-topic, but what can I say? We pick only the best songs of 1975, and we put them into the greatest playlist you are ever going to hear. We have the Unnatural 20’s on, we have Taylor back, and we’re picking only the best tunes of one of the better years in music history. Why are you still even reading this? Give me a break, jeez!

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