Movie of the Year: 1975 – Jaws

Movie of the Year: 1975


Jaws is the biggest movie of 1975, but does it have what it takes to win Movie of the Year!

Jaws is called the first blockbuster because of its mass appeal and wide release, not to mention the eponymous chompers of the star of the picture, Jaws himself.  But has Jawrs just been swimming by on its reputation, or is it worthy of its larger-than-life place in the pop culture biosphere? In this episode we discuss which genre this movie truly belongs to. It’s scary, but it’s not quite horror. It’s funny, but it’s certainly not a comedy. It’s got soul, but it’s certainly not a solider. Also, we get into what Jawrs is saying about 1975 masculinity. Three dudes, all alike in dignity, head off on a boat to go kill a jaws, which they assume is a man because it is violent and sucks. But can they kill the jawrs of suicidal manhood, eager to feed upon even its companions?  Plus, we’ll hand out some awards! All of that, and conceivably more, on an all-new Movie of the Year!

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