Movie of the Year: 1975 Bonus – The Yakuza

Movie of the Year: 1975

The Yakuza

The Taste Buds continue their journey through 1975 with Sydney Pollack’s The Yakuza!

On an all-new bonus episode of Movie of the Year, The Taste Buds keep trying to watch every movie that came out in 1975 with The Yakuza! Robert Mitchum and Ken Takakura team up to take down the entire Japanese mob, and discover what it means to be a man. Or, at least, what they thought it meant to be a man in 1975. In between shootouts and swordfights, this budding friendship will also deal with the women they love, the fashion of the time, and some kickass tattoos.

Host Mike, along with his friends Ryan and Greg, try to contextualize a movie that isn’t just old-fashioned for today, but probably even a little old-fashioned for the time. They discuss the culture clashes, and what the movie is trying to say about masculinity. And, if it all goes well, they might just learn a little about each other. With Ryan a clear Robert Mitchum-type, and Greg an obvious Kan Takakura-type, Mike will discover he has the most important role of all: being neither one of them. Tune in, stream, AND download, to see if they once again cracked this mother open, or if they are stumped for the first time ever!

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