Movie of the Year: 1975 Bonus – The Man Who Would Be King

Movie of the Year: 1975

The Man Who Would Be King

The Taste Buds tackle that wacky colonialism classic, The Man Who Would Be King!

On an all-new bonus episode of Movie of the Year, some of your favorite Taste Buds are discussing The Man Who Would Be King! John Huston’s classic stars Sean Connery and Michael Caine as two white dudes who decide to find a group of people in a far-off land that they can rule over. And they find them and become kings and gods. But what goes up must come down, and eventually, the hubris of our two leading lads catches up to them. Thankfully. Otherwise, this movie would have been even more awkward.

Hosted by Movie of the Year stud Mike, and also featuring fellow MOTY panelists Greg and Ryan, along with Unnatural 20’s star Mackenna, aka Books, this podcast episode attempts to crack open what may end up being the most controversial movie of the year. Is this the last old movie of the Hollywood studio system? Or a modern, revisionist version of the “white savior” tale. And will the Taste Buds be able to look at it with a lens that the film wants them to, or will their 2021 sensibilities block their enjoyment. Tune in and find out!

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