Movie of the Year: 1975 Bonus – Shivers

Movie of the Year: 1975


The Taste Buds discuss David Cronenberg’s break-out Canadian hit, Shivers!

The Taste Buds are continuing their trek through 1975, and there was just too many movies to fit everything into the bracket. So throughout the 1975 season, some of the Taste Buds are doing bonus shows of movies that didn’t quite make the elite 8, but still deserve to be talked about. This week, the Friends turn their sights to David Cronenberg’s horny zombie movie Shivers! Join an all-star line-up, including Movies I’d Like to Fix’s Kate Dellis, A Vague Idea’s Nate Ragolia, Movie of the Year regulars Mike and Ryan, and future podcast superstar Van Baumann! What a line-up!

Together, this dream team tries to review and analyze this horror semi-classic. Taking place in a state-of-the-art (for 1975) apartment building, Shivers tells the story of a group of people who are attacked by a lab experiment gone wrong. Created to help grow new organs in people, instead, this science mistake is invading people’s bodies, giving them the shivers, and make them want to make sexy time! Unfortunately, the creature is also passed around through sex, so everyone in the building is in danger!

Lead by host Kate, the Taste Buds try and find all of the ways that Shivers showed-off and predicted the work of a master such as Cronenberg. His obsession with bodies is here, as well as his obsession with the obsession of the normal life that people somehow want. They also focus on what all of this sex stuff is supposed to mean, and what David is trying to say by placing all of the action in this crazy futuristic apartment building!

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