Movie of the Year: 1975 Bonus – Picnic at Hanging Rock

Movie of the Year: 1975

Picnic at Hanging Rock

The Taste Buds continue their journey through 1975 with another bonus episode, this time about Peter Weir’s Picnic at Hanging Rock!

On an all-new episode of Movie of the Year: 1975, the Taste Buds discuss Picnic at Hanging Rock. Host Ryan, along with Taste Buds Greg and Van, dive into the movie that kicked off the Australian New Wave of the 1970’s. And this movie is Australian as fudge…sort of. The movie tells the story of a small girl’s prep school, who take a titular picnic to a titular Hanging Rock. After some good old-fashioned outbackin’, three students and a teacher mysteriously disappear. Will this be an issue for the rest of the school? You bet!

So it’s very Australian, because it shows how the outdoors is dangerous, but it also doesn’t feel Australian, because of its languid pacing and severe lack of dudes playing fire guitars on driving cars. Australia: land of many things. Also, none of the picnickers discuss Fosters, which is Australian for beer, so how Australian can the movie really be, anyway?

The Taste Buds try to crack the movie open like a can of the aforementioned Fosters (Australian for beer) by trying to get down to what director Peter Weir was really doing here. What was he trying to say by focusing on schoolgirls at the turn of the century? They also discuss the sexiness – or lack thereof – of the movie. The girls are being kept from sex and sexy thoughts in every conceivable way. Is this really a good idea? Society has never really been able to trick young girls into completely forgetting about the concept of sex…though it might work for this school. Finally, this Weir f#$@er doesn’t even explain where the girls went! Is that something that keeps it from being great? Get the definitive answers to these questions, and so much more, on an all-new Movie of the Year!!!

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