Movie of the Year: 1975 Bonus – Nashville

Movie of the Year: 1975


The Taste Buds discuss 1975’s classic Altman film Nashville, on an all-new Movie of the Year!

On an all-new episode of Movie of the Year, the Taste Buds continue their off-bracket conversations with Nashville! Maybe the most shocking movie to not be in the Elite 8, the Taste Buds will have to contend with the movie already being kicked out. Was this the worst decision in this podcast’s history? Or is Nashville a little too…Altman-esque to actually contend for Movie of the Year. Led by host Kate, Taste Buds Mike, Ryan, Greg, and new team member Van will have to reckon with all 3 hours and 75 songs in this epic, as they discuss the gender roles, generation roles, and as many parts of the ensemble as time will allow.

The movie starts with a brag about how it has almost 30 main characters, and then proceeds to actually have all of them, many of them more fleshed out than characters in movies with a fraction of the amount. Listen in as the Taste Buds discuss which characters affected them the most, which ones left them a little dry, and all of the ones in between, on an all-new episode of Movie of the Year!

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