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Last Fall I got a chance to check out a movie at USC called “Brooklyn Brothers Beat The Best.”  I didn’t really know what it was, but I knew it was free and that I was poor, so that worked out well.  What I ended up seeing was a great movie that’s part buddy comedy, part love letter to music, and about 1,000 percent heart.  It’s the story of a mopey New York singer/songwriter who teams up with a maniac with an affinity for xylophones, Casio keyboards, and a plethora of other grade-school instruments, and they start a band that’s best described as “The Shins meet Sesame Street.”  The movie itself is pretty good, but the band actually put out a full album, and it is fucking AWESOME.  Seriously, go listen to it right now.  If “Come On Girl” doesn’t make you want to dance, you weren’t hugged enough as a child. It’s a record that is all at once infantile yet mature, morose yet uplifting, simple yet complex. It’s damn good stuff. Record’s on Spotify, you can watch the movie on Amazon for a few bucks, or probably steal it online if you’re a bad person.-KRC



A lot of people write Amanda Palmer off immediately because he voice is far from perfect. Most people’s first experience with her just sounds like a lot of banging on a piano, noise, and wailing but there is a lot more to her punk rock cabaret than that. Amanda Palmer is a master of lyrics. Every song has a beautifully intricate story line that makes you think and feel things you weren’t expecting. It’s never JUST a love story, it’s a love story that twists your heart and leaves you riddled with goose bumps. It’s a story that swallows you whole and you forget yourself for awhile. Her stories are nothing ordinary, they always involve characters that are complex and overflowing with faults that none of us want to admit in ourselves. Don’t believe me? See The Jeep Song*, Astronaut, The Bed Song, Ampersand, Delilah*… etc. She also has many songs that aren’t about love and still tell beautiful stories. See Runs In The Family, Night Reconnaissance*, Shores of California*.  On top of having wonderful lyrics, Amanda Palmer fucking rocks at piano. Instead of just hearing it as banging, listen closer and you will hear how incredible this woman is. Not only is she a phenomenal piano player but you can feel her emotion through the way she plays. When she is hurt, you can hear it on the keys. Same goes with her voice, I thoroughly enjoy Amanda Palmers singing, even though it’s not “perfect”, because there is so much emotion in it. You feel how she feels. What I’m trying to get at is go listen to Amanda Palmer immediately. Not only is her music beautiful but I have never seen someone so kind and loving to her fans. The community she has created is absolutely amazing. I’ve even got the chance to meet her on a beach before and watch her play ukulele. Also, SHE IS FUCKING MARRIED TO NEIL GAIMAN. Can she get any cooler?-AB

*Actually Dresden Dolls songs (Amanda Palmer’s former band)