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Sexy Mental Problems #3: Songs At Your Funeral

This week, comedian Derrick Lemos stops by, and it gets deeper than expected as we talk big dreams and small towns, life after death, and Wienerschnitzel.  All that, plus we talk about tweaker projects, and an oft-threatened jingle is debuted.   FOLLOW US ON TWITTER! Keith Carey Alysa Breen Derrick Lemos  

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Sexy Mental Problems #2: Epic!

This week, Alysa and Keith sit down with comedian Tim Groeschel and audio wizard Kristy Plotkin to discuss horror films, death metal, crass explanations of deep issues, and the legend of Mongo.  Check it out!   FOLLOW US ON TWITTER! Keith Carey Alysa Breen Tim Groeschel Kristy Plotkin

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Post Traumatic Sound Disorder

Post Traumatic Sound Disorder In which Alysa breaks down an album track by track. This week The xx’s new album was released into the world. I had never really listened to The xx before.  I had gotten the impression that it was just more hipster-y music and I already had plenty of that. My friend…

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Yeah, I’m going to get Bieber’s back here.  Now, before everybody storms my proverbial castle with pitchforks and torches, let me preface this by saying that his music is, to put it delicately, ass-tastic.  I haven’t heard much, but what I have heard is failure of the highest, squeakiest order. That said, can we all…

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