Best of the Year: 2020

The 2020 Mixtape

The Taste Buds, along with the Unnatural 20’s, begin their month-long journey through 2020 with The Ultimate 2020 Mixtape!

Okay, so it’s a playlist. A mixtape is a cassette filled with songs recorded from the radio that people gave to other people they wanted to have sex with over 100 years ago. This will just be a playlist – there will be no cassettes made – but we’re going to call it “mixtape” to sound cool and retro.

Was 2020 a good year for like life and stuff? Inarguably no. But was it a good year for dope-ass singles to fill up a playlist? Arguably…yes? In this episode of Best of the Year, Mike leads all of his Taste Buds in a battle to build the ultimate Mixtape live in front of a podcast audience. Tune in as they take turns picking songs and putting them in order on the fly.

And when you’re done listening to the show, click here to listen to the Mixtape, available exclusively through Spotify, a partnership that began when one of us signed up for Spotify!

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