Movie of the Year: 1991 – Barton Fink

Movie of the Year: 1991

Barton Fink

Can Barton Fink write his way to the 1991 Movie of the Year?

The Tastebuds have quite an odd movie on our hands with this one. Barton Fink is our first Coen Brothers’ movie, but it is hardly the typical Co-Bro fair. Barton Fink is a young, successful playwright on Broadway before he is lured/kinda coerced to going to Hollywood. And the city of dreams quickly becomes the city of nightmares as Barton is plagued by writer’s block, manic Hollywood execs, a pushy-but-nice-seeming Dan Conner from the hit show The Conners, and what I assume is just one very effective mosquito?

Tasked with writing a wrestling picture, Barton can’t seem to connect to the content even though he purports to love the common man and enlists the help of Frasier’s dad. After some tossed salad and scrambled eggs, Fink Frenches Frasier’s dad’s wife…uh maybe he doesn’t–that part’s not clear, but what is clear is that she gets killed as hell somehow and now on top of everything he’s being stalked by the law.

It all ends much as you ‘d expect with the weird neighbor gunning people down while screaming look upon me as the world bursts into flames. This movie really looks ahead to our own time, huh?

Nineteen and ninety-one. It was a magical time full of promise and wonder and we have to go back. We can’t though. We can only move forward. Because we are podcasters, and bravely moving into the future is all we know how to do. All of that, and somehow more, on an all-new Movie of the Year!

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