Movie of the Year: 1991 – The Addams Family

Movie of the Year: 1991

The Addams Family

Can The Addams Family spook and kook their way to the 1991 Movie of the Year?

They do what they want to do. Say what they want to say. Live how they want to live. Play how they want to play. Dance how they want to dance. And even kick and then slap a friend. Yes, I am speaking of the Addams family, that spooky bunch who taught us that love and raw sexual energy truly conquer all. But will this movie conquer our bracket? We loved it as kids, and especially loved its sequel. However, it remains to be seen if a kids movie can win it all, even if it has the blessings of the Dark Pope.

Based on a series of single panel cartoons from the New Yorker and more directly based on a couple of attempts at a TV show, The Addams Family introduces us to the Addams family of monsters and killers who we like because they have a profound insouciance and also the parents are nonstop sexual dynamos who remind us that it’s good to be alive, even if we are undead. (Are they undead? We get into it.) Here we get the family as they vibe, murder people, and attempt to reconnect with who they think is uncle fester, but is actually a con man who looks like uncle fester who is actually uncle fester, spoilers.

Nineteen and ninety-one. It was a magical time full of promise and wonder and we have to go back. We can’t though. We can only move forward. Because we are podcasters, and bravely moving into the future is all we know how to do. All of that, and somehow more, on an all-new Movie of the Year!

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