Movie of the Year: 1975 – A Winner Declared

Movie of the Year: 1975

A Winner Declared

Movie of the Year declares 1975’s Movie of the Year!

It all comes down to this. We started with the top sixty-four movies of 1975, and we whittled them down to the final four in this episode, where we decide on the 1975 winner. Dog Day Afternoon, Mirror, Jaws, and One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest: Each of these legendary movies is almost bigger than film itself. Every one of them is in the pantheon of filmic gods. However, there can be only one Movie of the Year (Highlander, rules). Every choice in this episode is agonizing. But if the choices were easy, we wouldn’t have dedicated so much of our lives to them. Oh, wow, did we spend way too much of our lives trying to figure out the 1975 winner? No. We didn’t. Or at least don’t think about it.

We also give out a ton of our highly prized (by Hollywood, not us, we’re over them) Mooties, including Best Sex. Come for the discussion about the best movies ever made, stay for the part where we gab about doin it. (We all have done it; not together, sorry). Best Violence is also being handed out on this show, so if you’re a big weirdo you’ll wanna stick around for that. Did any of the movies of ’75 even feature violence though? We’ll have to get our fact-checkers on this.

Remember: These awards are given to the best and the worst of the motion picture industry and are highly sought after despite being both deeply cursed and profoundly haunted. All of that, and some more, on an all-new Movie of the Year!

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