PopFilter: A Decade of Excellence – Album of the Decade

Pop Filter: A Decade of Excellence

Album of the Decade

YourPopFilter celebrates 11 years of podcasts by choosing the most important album of the last decade!

Nothing defines a decade like its albums. Maybe the kids don’t like them as much anymore. Heck, maybe they’re not hip, but darn it they’re important. Plus, the last decade had some of our favorite artists making some of our favorite albums. Dirty Computer, by Janelle Monae; Lemonade, by Beyoncé; and Fetch the Bolt Cutters, by Fiona Apple; just to name a few. These albums helped make the show what it is today. In many ways, the albums of the last decade taught us about music, but more importantly, they taught us a little something about life. So we did what we always do and made them fight it out to see which was the most deserving of our love. It’s how we were raised. It’s how we will die.  All of that, and inevitably more, on an all-new PopFilter Podcast!

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