Movie of the Year: 2020 – Oscar Draft

Movie of the Year: 2020

Oscar Draft

The Taste Buds discuss the 2020 Oscars and try to pick which will get the most nominations!

The Pop Filter team has Oscar fever and the only prescription is penicillin! We invited newest member, Kate, to host the Oscars. After getting her hopes way, way up, we clarified that we meant: this mess. But she was already in her Tux and on the Zoom, so she agreed to host this Oscar Draft, instead. Women, they get the job done!

Note: Kate is new and doesn’t realize she is too good for us.

Winners Don’t Matter

We say it all the time, winning is just not that big a deal. We don’t do it in our private lives and we would never make it the center of our podcast. You just need the movies you pick to get the most nominations to take this contest down, but who cares who ends up with the most? Because that person — Ryan probably, gross — would just be a winner themselves. We must conspire amongst ourselves to constrain the great and to pull down the ambitious. 

Silly Season

At one point, Ryan is called a “cad,” “rake,” and a “card” in the space of maybe 1 second. You have to check that out. If that happened in the 18th century we would have had to fight a three-way duel on the spot. Did anyone ever do that — three-way a duel? Thruel? They should make a website where you can Google things.

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