Movie of the Year: 2001


The Taste Buds talk 2001 genres: comedy, tragedy, action, and more!

Genres, we don’t always respect them, but gosh darn if we don’t absolutely love them. When we made this podcast, we promised we would rank every movie solely on what it attempted to be, and thus a comedy would be given the same weight as the hard-hitting dramas that dominate the culture of movie criticism. We failed. But from this failure rose GenreBlast, a time to let all of Mama Hollywood’s uglier ducklings waddle into the spotlight.

A show for the people

Your average Joe Lunch-Bucket doesn’t care for, or frankly understand, the art-house dramas of the day. He wants to gape and grin in turn at the capers of a rotund clown or the exploding of many barrels. To see someone fall from something would be divine. Indeed, your modern viewer is not unlike Donkey Kong in his love of captured women, violent deaths, and hammer mayhem. Well, this show is for you, unwashed masses. Tune in to see if we analyze whatever passed for a Police Academy in 2001. Probably that Police Academy reboot I am just now making up.

What we cover

We hit all the important points in this one. At one point Ryan says, “Teddy is my fashion icon” which I thought was very upsetting, and if episodes of podcasts had posters, I think we would put that on the poster. We spend quite a bit of time talking about ourselves in this one. We had to coax it out of ourselves, but once we got going, we open up about a lot of real stuff.

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