Movie of the Year: 2001 – Spirited Away

Movie of the Year: 2001

Spirited Away

The Taste Buds swoon over 2001’s most visually stunning film, Spirited Away!

Spirited Away is such a great movie you probably don’t need to hear us talk about it (Greg, try not to actively discourage people from listening to the show, when possible -Ed.), but just because you don’t need something doesn’t mean we won’t give it to you. The movie questions what capitalism and the decadence of the west have done to the spirit of Japan. Also, we discuss what it means to be a villain. Is it just being super bad and greedy, or do you have to have some sort of world-destroying motive or revenge or something? We don’t know, really, but we run it up the flagpole to see who still looks, but no one ever does.

This is the kind of movie that makes you want to be watching it again while you are watching it. Every still of animation is sumptuous and lovingly crafted and this amount of detail in animation feels revolutionary. Ryan, at one point, says the words “my wife” like 7 different times in 10 seconds. Does he do it in Borat voice? Disclosing–or even alluding to the ability to disclose–that could get me so busted. Even now I have said too much. My wife. (Greg, please watch what you say. -Ed.)

In this episode we learn Drop Pad moves about from house to house. (Greg.) He has little wheels, I guess. I think of it as moving along on the street, largely unnoticed except by gutter pigeons and odd children. We do a Rushmore of fashion, too. We remain undefeated in top-line fashion commentary here at Pop Filter. And it’s not like we just ask our wives. I mean, yeah, we ask our wives because we talk to them about everything, but we don’t just go with their choices. No, obviously we do.

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