Movie of the Year: 2019

Century of the Year

The Taste Buds hold our annual Century of the Year, where we take one shot of beer and discuss one 2019 moment of pop culture each minute for one-hundred minutes. This year, Taylor acts as the ringmaster leading a team of Mike, a team of Ryan, and a team of Greg, Producer Dave, Josie Becker (Production Assistant at Common Space Brewery), and Derrick Brown (Standup/Poet/Publisher) to see which can finish the show! Plus our friends, the Unnatural 20s, join to countdown the top ten moments od the decade! A whole lot of pop culture news items go down in one calendar year, and the best way to review them is to give them each a minute while we try to keep from losing our minds from beer poisoning. The two things we love most in the world are talking about pop culture and drinking, so what could possibly go wrong? Tune in and find out!

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