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The Super Hero Hour Hour 10/27/17 – The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is back! After taking a whole six days off of showing a zombie show, AMC brings back The Walking Dead for its 8th and somehow not final season. Taylor and Ryan bring in Taste Bud Greg to help them decide whether or not the 8th season will be a good one. They also take a…

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The Super Hero Hour Hour 10/20/17 – Fear the Walking Dead

This week, the Taste Buds review the two-part season finale of Fear the Walking Dead! On a recent quality upswing, will the third season of the spinoff show stick the landing? Or will it stumble back into being the weak show it has been in the past. Tune in to find out! Also, reviews of every other…

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The Super Hero Hour Hour 10/13/17 – Riverdale

It’s the season premiere of Riverdale! On the first week of the Showpocalypse, the Taste Buds focus on that sleepy, creepy, never-eat-Peeps-y town that took their lives by storm not one year ago. Can the runaway train keep on rolling down the track? Or would a runaway train not be on a track? If a train comes…

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