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PopFilter Podcast: Best of 2017 – TV Drama

The Taste Buds fight to pick the single best drama of the year. 16 shows enter, only one show can win. On tonight’s episode we have the Eastern Bracket, which is called that for literally no reason. The first 8 challengers to the throne will compete and send one show to the finals. Watch the…

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On the newest episode of the Super Hero Hour Hour, the Taste Buds say an early goodbye to Lucifer, which has its season finale this week. They hand out the Lucifer awards, decide whether the storylines wrapped up and well, and discuss how shocked they are that they will miss Mr. Morningstar. Meanwhile, they review the latest episodes of iZombie and Gotham. Plus……

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Best of 2016: Drama TV, Pt. 2


8 of the best dramas of the year have been eliminated, and only 8 remain. Which one will be named the best drama of the year, and join Atlanta in the 2016 PopFilter Hall of Fame? Tune in to find out, as Mike, Ryan, and Taylor force the greatest shows of the year to punch each other.…

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Best of 2016: Drama TV, Pt. 1


The votes have been tallied, the conversations have been had, the arms have been wrestled, the duels have been finished, the gavels have been swung, and the single greatest TV shows of 2016 have been decided. Which drama will join Atlanta as PopFilter’s official TV picks of 2016? Will it be a smooth conversation, or will there…

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Nutflex 014 – Stranger Things

Nutflex 014 – Stranger Things Are you ready for the craziest episode of Nutflex yet? Let me give you a hint: you are. We’re doing a TV show for the first time! It’s Stranger Things! We have a guest podcaster to introduce you to! I know it seems like too much for one show, but that’s the…

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