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The OCD Episode 13: Fight on the Baseball Diamond

THE OCD 13: THE FIGHT ON THE BASEBALL DIAMOND Mike and Ryan review the twelvth episode of The O.C! Mike learns more about Ryan when they’re paired for a school history project. Ryan isn’t the macho tough guy he puts out to his friends, but he is quite a nice person with a perfect home life. But…

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The OCD Episode 11: Ryan & Marissa’s First Date

THE OCD 11: Ryan & Marissa’s First Date  Mike and Ryan review the tenth episode of The O.C.  with the help of their friend Katelynn from the Unnatural 20s. It’s time for another yacht party! With the new workload, Mike becomes worried about Ryan’s professional relationship with Katelynn. Ryan spots Taylor and Greg together, and becomes…

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The OCD Episode 10: The Kickoff Carnival

THE OCD 10: THE KICKOFF CARNIVAL Mike and Ryan review the ninth episode of The O.C. At the opening day of the new school year, Mike doesn’t feel like he fits on his new podcast called The OCD, and Ryan doesn’t make the situation any better when he and his jock friends continue to bully and harass both him…

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The OCD Episode 9: The Mother Intervention


THE OCD 9: THE MOTHER INTERVENTION Mike and Ryan review the seventh episode of The O.C.! On this episode of The OCD, Ryan is in a hospital in Burbank recovering from his near-fatal drug overdose in Studio City. Meanwhile, Mike unfairly blames Ryan for his own condition and forbids him from seeing himself. Mike starts his new job, but…

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The OCD Episode 8: The Tijuana Bar Scene

THE OCD 8: THE TIJUANA BAR SCENE Mike and Ryan review the seventh episode of The O.C.! Mike and Ryan hit the road to party in Tijuana. Taylor wants to tag along with them in order to get back with Mike, but he later changes her mind when he sees Taylor making out with Greg. Back in…

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