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Movie of the Year 2018 – Blackkklansman

Movie of the Year 2018: Blackkklansman The Taste Buds review the 2018 movie Blackkklansman! Join your host Greg as he welcomes this week’s contestants: Ryan, Mike, and Chris the Tow Truck Driver! These four pasty, lily-white gentlemen will try and break Blackkklansman open, trying to uncover every hidden nugget they can. What will the friends discover about the role…

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Movie of the Year 2018-Roma

Movie of the Year 2018: Roma The Taste Buds review the 2018 movie, Roma! Join host Greg as he throws contestants Ryan and Mike into the pit of mortal combat to see owns Roma and wins the coveted title of Greg’s number one best friend! The Taste Buds tackle everything about the movie, from its quiet nature,…

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The Super Hero Hour Hour 1/25/19 – The Punisher

Punisher season 2

THE SUPER HERO HOUR HOUR: Punisher 201 The Taste Buds review the season 2 Premiere of Punisher. Can a season 2 of a Marvel show finally surpass a good season 1? Is Punisher without Micro and his sandwiches still the Punisher? How jigsaw-y is billy really? Tune in to find out as the taste buds discuss…

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Movie of the Year: 2004- Million Dollar Baby

Clint Eastwood & Hillary Swank

Movie of the Year 2004: Million Dollar Baby The Taste Buds discuss the 2004 film Million Dollar Baby! Clint Eastwood enters the Movie of the Year lexicon as our first actor/director/angry old man and he’s bringing the 2004 Best Picture winner to uppercut every other film on the bracket. Join host Greg as he pits contestants Ryan…

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Movie of the Year: 1999 – American Beauty

American Beauty

Movie of the Year 1999: American Beauty The Taste Buds discuss the 1999 movie American Beauty! Join Greg, Mike and Ryan as they tackle this movie with their current 2018 mindsets, including what it’s like to see Kevin Spacey again, what it’s like to watch an old man seduce a high school student, old-school homophobia, and what happens…

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You can stop crying ’cause iZombie is back baby! Ryan and Mike gush over their missing favorite show, but got some bones to pick with the first episode after the winter hiatus. They also cover episode 9 of Jessica Jones, and cover the results of last week’s Oscar Draft! Get into it.

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PopFilter Podcast 35

In which one friend, one frenemy, and one full on enemy discuss whatever the hell they want. Luckily, they want to talk about the new Bruce Springsteen album, the hit(ish) new TV show Smash, and the new Pedro Almodovar movie The Skin I Live In. Eat it. Live it. Love it. Eat it. Again.

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