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Movie of the Year: 1999 – The Battle Begins

Movie of the Year

Movie of the Year: 1999 Welcome to the inaugural episode of Pop Filter’s newest series, Movie of the Year! We’re on the hunt to find the best film of each and every year, in the only way that matters: brackets. Join Greg, Mike, and Ryan, as they discuss what makes a film matter now vs when…

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Top Ten – Cult Movies

Ten [of the] Top Cult Movies I struggled as much with this list as I do every time someone asks me what my favorite movie is. ( I’ll give you my favorite blockbuster, my guilty pleasure, my favorite to watch over and over, my childhood favorite and my top pick in every genre…but don’t ask…

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OFFICE SPACE VS. AMERICAN HISTORY X                 Two formidable opponents for wildly different reasons, and for no earthly reason would there ever be a comparison of the two, except right here, right now. Office Space is an instant classic, arguably the funniest movie about the tedium of existence ever made. It is the story of…

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