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Movie of the Year 2018 – Annihilation

Movie of the Year 2018: Annihilation The Taste Buds review the 2018 movie, Annihilation! Mike is Greg; some guy named Survivor Phil is Mike; thankfully, Ryan is still just Ryan. But isn’t everyone being someone else perfect for a movie where people sorta become one another, or become weird animal-human hybrids? How did the gang respond to…

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Am I Right Ladies? The Manic Pixie Dream Girls Must Be Stopped

In a 2005 review of the dreadful Elizabethtown, Nathan Rabin coined the term “Manic Pixie Dream Girl”, and hence, there was a beautiful succint term to describe so many cliches. Rabin describes the MPDG as existing “solely in the fevered imaginations of sensitive writer-directors to teach broodingly soulful young men to embrace life and its…

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