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Movie of the Year-2018 Mixtape

Movie of the Year 2018: 2018 Mixtape The Taste Budz have mixtape fever and the only prescription is more mixtape. Can the dudes manage to craft, live and uninterrupted, a mix tape of the best songs of 2018? I don’t know, man, you’re going to have to listen, but I bet whatever they do is…

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The OCD Episode 19: The Mix Tape 1, Pt. 2

THE OCD 19: THE MIX TAPE 1, PART 2 Mike and Ryan continue to review the first soundtrack for The OC, Mix 1! On a very special episode of The OCD, Mike takes Ryan on a journey through the back half of the music of the greatest show in TV history. Ryan still hasn’t heard one lick of one…

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CountDown: Ultimate Soundtrack Mixtape

Movies, at best, have one good song. And their songs everyone knows, from watching the movie over, and over, and over again. SO when you’re on a long ass road trip with your boring ass friends, pop in the Ultimate Soundtrack Mixtape– guaranteed to make you all sing your guts out.   Email us to…

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