Movie of the Year – The 2004 Finale (Part 1)

Movie of the Year The 2004 Finale (Part 1) It’s time to figure out the greatest movie of 2004. Society has already decided that the best movie of 2004 is Shrek 2. Obvi. But what if we made a bracket of 16 other movies to battle it out for Best of 2004, and didn’t put Shrek 2 in the…

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Movie of the Year: 2004- Million Dollar Baby

Clint Eastwood & Hillary Swank

Movie of the Year 2004: Million Dollar Baby The Taste Buds discuss the 2004 film Million Dollar Baby! Clint Eastwood enters the Movie of the Year lexicon as our first actor/director/angry old man and he’s bringing the 2004 Best Picture winner to uppercut every other film on the bracket. Join host Greg as he pits contestants Ryan…

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Movie of the Year: 2004

Movie of the Year 2004:   Now that the Eyes Wide Shut parades are over, and a nation rests its tired eyes after watching it over and over again since it won the trophy of Most 1999 Movie of 1999, it’s time to turn towards a new year, one with different numbers in its title and different…

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Flickchart’s Greatest Battles  In which we pit two movies together using, debating their merits or lack thereof. ROUND ONE MISSION:IMPOSSIBLE III VS PREDATOR Two action movies separated by almost two decades. M:I III was a gigantic step forward for the series, redeeming it after the pile of garbage that was M:I II. Predator spawned…

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