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THE OCD 28: THE NANA Mike and Ryan review the 23rd episode of The OC, The Nana! On a very special episode of The OCD, Mike and Ryan nervously await the arrival of Mike’s mother, the Nana. But when she shows up (early, no less) the Nana is a kindler gentler version of herself–she’s even nice to Ryan! Meanwhile,…

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The OCD Episode 19: The Mix Tape 1, Pt. 2

THE OCD 19: THE MIX TAPE 1, PART 2 Mike and Ryan continue to review the first soundtrack for The OC, Mix 1! On a very special episode of The OCD, Mike takes Ryan on a journey through the back half of the music of the greatest show in TV history. Ryan still hasn’t heard one lick of one…

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The OCD Episode 12: Thanksgiving!

Ryan Goes Home

THE OCD 12: Thanksgiving!   Mike and Ryan review A Very The O.C.  Thanksgiving with the help of their friend Books from the Unnatural 20s! It’s the first of many of Ryan’s favorite holidays, and he’s worried his mom Mike isn’t good in the kitchen, so Books, Cassie, and Taylor take over cooking. Meanwhile Mike has to go…

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