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The Super Hero Hour Hour 10/13/17 – Riverdale

It’s the season premiere of Riverdale! On the first week of the Showpocalypse, the Taste Buds focus on that sleepy, creepy, never-eat-Peeps-y town that took their lives by storm not one year ago. Can the runaway train keep on rolling down the track? Or would a runaway train not be on a track? If a train comes…

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This week, the Taste Buds review the first two episodes of Marvel’s Inhumans! Ryan and Taylor do the impossible in order to watch it: they go to an Imax movie theater! I bet if you listen to this episode, you will no longer have regret for not going and seeing it yourself. They also tackle the newest…

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BATTLEWORLDBATTLEWORLD Round 1, Battle 5 follow the bracket here! INHUMANS: ATTLIAN RISING #1 VS THE INFINITY GAUNTLET #1 One of the major dangers of a GIANT, EPIC, WORLD-ALTERING, CROSSOVER EVENT in the comic world is to lose the humanity amongst all of the SWEET EPIC SHIT. The small, simple moments that make fans fall in love…

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