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PopFilter Podcast: Best of 2017 – TV Drama, Part II

The Taste Buds fight to pick the best television drama of the year! In the last episode, Better Call Saul made it to the finals. Now there are 8 shows remaining, and it’s time to see which show will fight Better Call Saul and become the best of the year! CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND – THE DEUCE – FEUD – GAME OF…

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PopFilter Podcast Episode 150 Pt 2

The exciting conclusion to the friends talking about all the things you never thought you would hear them talk about! And some stuff you were pretty sure they would talk about! Email us to get your opinion on the show: Or call and leave a voicemail: 1-562 DRDJ POP Review us on iTunes! Follow us…

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PopFilter Podcast Episode 150 Pt 1

It episode 150, bitches and the friends all got you! Every week they cut a segment from the show, never to be heard from again…but guess what!! This is the sausage show and THEY’RE ALL BACK! Hahahaha! Get it? Sausage? Show? Gotcha? Anywho, here it is…the classic episode 150 clip show, split up into two…

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