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The OCD 34: Season One Special Features, Part 1

THE OCD 33: SEASON ONE SPECIAL FEATURES, PT. 1 CASTING THE OC and THE MUSIC OF THE OC   Mike and Ryan discuss the first two special features on the Season 1 DVD of The OC! Desperate to keep the first season of The OC in their lives as long as possible, Mike and Ryan find a DVD copy…

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The OCD 33: Caleb and Julie’s Wedding Part 2

THE OCD 33: CALEB AND JULIE’S WEDDING: PART 2 On this episode of The OCD, Mike and Ryan finish discussing the first season finale of The OC! Surprising no one, Mike and Ryan couldn’t contain Caleb and Julie’s wedding into one episode. It’s most likely because of the toasts. Caleb specifically asked both Ryan and Mike to keep their…

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