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PopFilter Podcast: Best of 2017 – TV Drama, Part II

The Taste Buds fight to pick the best television drama of the year! In the last episode, Better Call Saul made it to the finals. Now there are 8 shows remaining, and it’s time to see which show will fight Better Call Saul and become the best of the year! CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND – THE DEUCE – FEUD – GAME OF…

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Best of 2016: Drama TV, Pt. 2


8 of the best dramas of the year have been eliminated, and only 8 remain. Which one will be named the best drama of the year, and join Atlanta in the 2016 PopFilter Hall of Fame? Tune in to find out, as Mike, Ryan, and Taylor force the greatest shows of the year to punch each other.…

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Best of 2016: Drama TV, Pt. 1


The votes have been tallied, the conversations have been had, the arms have been wrestled, the duels have been finished, the gavels have been swung, and the single greatest TV shows of 2016 have been decided. Which drama will join Atlanta as PopFilter’s official TV picks of 2016? Will it be a smooth conversation, or will there…

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JACK AND JILL The greatest movie of all time finally comes to DVD. Check out Daniel Tompkins’ review of the theatrical version, and pretend he wrote it for the DVD version. THE SKIN I LIVE IN *** (out of ****) The second greatest movie of all time finally comes to DVD. Coincidentally, the podcast…

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