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Movie of the Year: 1988 – State of the Franchises

Movie of the Year 1988: State of the Franchises The Taste Budz–and two of their favorites from the Unnatural 20s podcast–have franchise fever and the only prescription is more franchise. That can’t be right. Why would franchises cure franchise fever? If anything they probably cause it, right? I bet the real prescription would be something…

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Movie of the Year: 2018 – Finale Part One

Movie of the Year 2018: Finale Part One The Taste Buds discuss all of your favorite 2018 movies, on their way to picking the 2018 Movie of the year! Join your host Greg as he welcomes three new contestants into the arena: Ryan, Mike, and a ghost that we are too embarrassed to ask to leave!…

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Movie of the Year: TV Drama of the Year Pt. 2

MOVIE OF THE YEAR: TV Drama of the Year Pt. 2   The Taste Buds choose the best TV Drama show of 2018! Now that the dust has settled on the first round of TV Drama 2018, it’s time to turn our sites to next few rounds and declare an eventual winner. This week, 8…

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