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The OCD Episode 25: Newport’s Man of the Year Gala, Part 1

THE OCD 25: NEWPORT’S MAN OF THE YEAR GALA PART ONE Mike and Ryan review the 21st episode of The OC, The Goodbye Girl! On a very special episode of The OCD, Mike announces that he is leaving PopFilter for his home in Pittsburgh. Ryan feels guilt-ridden for the way he treated him. Meanwhile, trouble brews for both…

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The OCD Episode 24: High School Kissing Booth

THE OCD 24: HIGH SCHOOL KISSING BOOTH Mike and Ryan review the 20th episode of The OC! Mike and Ryan begin their lives as “just friends” in the aftermath of everything that happened. But they soon find out it’s not as easy as it looks. Things take another turn when Mike’s former flame, Taylor, shows up in…

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The OCD Episode 23: The Mike Mix Mix Tape

THE OCD 23: THE MIKE MIX MIX TAPE Mike and Ryan discuss Mike’s very own The OC Season One Soundtrack! A month ago, Mike and Ryan made podcasting being history by being the first two people who ever deigned to go through The OC Mix 1 track by track and decide if they liked it or didn’t like it…

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