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The Super Hero Hour Hour 04/06/18 – Legion


THE SUPER HERO HOUR HOUR: Legion 201 The Taste Buds review the newest episode of Legion! On this, perhaps the most special episode of Super Hero Hour Hour, the gang is joined by Unnatural 20’s star and bon vivant Cassie. Together they dig deep into the Season 2 premiere of Legion in which even more craziness makes…

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Ryan and Mike FINALLY get ample time to talk about Agent Carter season 2! If you’ve been aching for more than 2 minute recaps, this is the episode of SHHH for you. They dig into Peggy and Whitney’s respective flashbacks, the usage of flashbacks in general, and even flashback to to their own humble origins.…

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Super Hero Hour Hour 9/28

Gotham Season 2: Rise of the Villains is here, and Ryan and Mike have a lot to say about the new directions of old Gordon and Co! Also, Fear The Walking Dead continues to show how spin-offs can create their own thing!

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Super Hero Hour Hour 9/20

In this week’s episode of the Super Hero Hour Hour, Mike and Ryan tackle the 3rd episode of Fear The Walking Dead, discuss ways to improve ALL S shows reviewed here, and learn a little something about life. Tune in, drop out, and move on.

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Super Hero Hour Hour 7/3/15

This week, Ryan and Mike discuss Daredevil‘s penultimate episode as well as another episode of Dark Matter, starring Captain Mark Datter, king of the idiots. They also talk all the news about comic books and are just generally great. Listen in, buckle up, sit down, jump around and go nuts.

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Superhero Hour Hour (Vol.1)

Popfilter Presents:  The Superhero Hour Hour  The  newest show in the growing YPF podcast empire, the Superhero Hour Hour will tackle ComicBook Television every Friday. Ryan and Mike from the PopFilter Podcast will be discussing comic adaptations on TV, new comic TV news, and a whole bunch of other shit every Friday. Volume 1: Letter from…

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