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Movie of the Year presents: Century of the Year

MOVIE OF THE YEAR PRESENTS: Century of the Year The Taste Buds review the entire year of 2018! Movie of the Year begins it’s month long look at 2018 with Century of the Year. Greg, Mike, and Ryan, along with PopFilter contributor Stephanie, new pal Chris, and the Unnatural 20’s team up to look at the top 100…

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PopFilter Podcast – Century of the Year 2017

It’s time for everyone’s favorite game show, where nobody wins except the people who barf. It’s the third or fifth annual Century of the Year! The 100 greatest moments from 2017, mixed with 100 shots of beer, all across 100 minutes of death defying giggles and friendships. There’s drama, comedy, action, and all of the…

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Century of the Year 2016!

Century of the Year 2016! It’s that time of year, when end-of-year lists have been done for weeks. Which means it time for the ULTIMATE  2016 end-of-year list, YourPopFilter’s Century of the Year! That’s right, the Taste Buds attempted the impossible again. 2016 wasn’t exactly a year to celebrate, but they do their best to…

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