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The OCD 39: The Pilot with Commentary

THE OCD 39: THE PILOT WITH COMMENTARY Mike and Ryan review the pilot for the second time, this time with commentary from Josh Scwartz and Stephanie Savage! Just when you think starting the second season would be right around the corner, Mike and Ryan put it off for another week, this time to discuss an…

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The OCD 38: Season 2 Sneak Preview

THE OCD 38: SEASON 2 SNEAK PREVIEW Mike and Ryan preview the second season of The OC! The OC Season 1 DVD has a special feature on it that allegedly previews the second season, but it turned out to be just the actors sitting around hoping that the second season will be as good as the first. That…

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The OCD 37: The OC Mix 2, Part II


THE OCD 37: THE OC MIX 2, PART II     Mike and Ryan finish their review of The OC Mix 2! Mike and Ryan are still on the hunt for the perfect The OC soundtrack, and The OC Mix 2 might have what it takes. Tune in to the second half of their journey to find out if they have…

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The OCD 36: The OC Mix 2

THE OCD 36: THE OC MIX 2 Mike and Ryan review the second volume of The OC soundtrack. Sill so, so hesitant to begin the watching the second season of The OC – for essentially unknown reasons – Mike and Ryan go on a different tangent with the second volume of The OC Mix series. They answer the hard-hitting questions about…

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The OCD 35: Season One Special Features Part 2

THE OCD 35: SEASON ONE SPECIAL FEATURES, PT. 2 THE OC UNSEEN and THE REAL OC Mike and Ryan continue their discussion of the season 1 special features. On this week’s episode, Mike and Ryan follow a supercool McG around Orange County, discussing all of the places he was picked on when he was a…

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The OCD Episode 12: Thanksgiving!

Ryan Goes Home

THE OCD 12: Thanksgiving!   Mike and Ryan review A Very The O.C.  Thanksgiving with the help of their friend Books from the Unnatural 20s! It’s the first of many of Ryan’s favorite holidays, and he’s worried his mom Mike isn’t good in the kitchen, so Books, Cassie, and Taylor take over cooking. Meanwhile Mike has to go…

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The OCD Episode 11: Ryan & Marissa’s First Date

THE OCD 11: Ryan & Marissa’s First Date  Mike and Ryan review the tenth episode of The O.C.  with the help of their friend Katelynn from the Unnatural 20s. It’s time for another yacht party! With the new workload, Mike becomes worried about Ryan’s professional relationship with Katelynn. Ryan spots Taylor and Greg together, and becomes…

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The OCD Episode 7: Caleb’s Birthday Party

THE OCD 7: CALEB’S BIRTHDAY PARTY On this episode of the OCD, Ryan’s uptight father, Mike, comes for a visit along with his new girlfriend, Taylor, a 24-year-old model. Mike does not hesitate to speak his mind and immediately angers both Greg and Ryan, and browbeats Taylor, with constant criticism about their backgrounds, while Ryan…

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