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Movie of the Year 2018–Black Panther

Movie of the Year 2018: Black Panther The Taste Buds review the 2018 movie Black Panther! Join your host Greg as he welcomes this week’s contestants Mike, Ryan, and Lyandre! Join the foursome as they try to sink their teeth into every aspect of this amazing comic book movie directed by Ryan Coogler! Is Killmonger right? Is…

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Movie of the Year: 2018 – The Battle Begins

Movie of the Year 2018: The Battle Begins image via Movie of the Year reveals the 16 movies that will compete to be named the 2018 movie of the year! Join Greg, Mike, and Ryan as they whittle down the sweet 16 to the elite 8, and discover which 8 movies they will be covering in…

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The Super Hero Hour Hour 02/16/17 – Legends of Tomorrow

legends of tomorrow

LEGENDS OF TOMORROW 310 The Taste Buds review the mid-season premiere of Legends of Tomorrow! Sure…yes…fine, the Taste Buds are reviewing the mid-season premiere of Legends of Tomorrow, but the reason why this is a very special episode of The Super Hero Hour Hour is because these kids are reviewing Black Panther! Thanks to the Winter Olympics, a show NOT based on…

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