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Movie of the Year: 1999 – The Blair Witch Project

Movie of the Year 1999: The Blair Witch Project The Taste Buds discuss 1999’s The Blair Witch Project, a lighthearted romp through the woods a Maryland, which brings a crew of filmmakers together in ways they never would have imagined. The panelists discuss what made the film such a cultural, critical, and financial success, and they…

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Movie of the Year: 1999-Fight Club

Chuck Palahniuk

Movie of the Year: 1999 Fight Club The Taste Buds tackle the 1999 film Fight Club! The story of a loser dreaming up a dreamy best friend that becomes his mortal enemy (spoiler alert!) is classic nineties, and the Taste Buds dig into the nitty gritty of David Fincher’s follow up to Se7en. If you’re looking…

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Movie of the Year: 1999 – The Battle Begins

Movie of the Year

Movie of the Year: 1999 Welcome to the inaugural episode of Pop Filter’s newest series, Movie of the Year! We’re on the hunt to find the best film of each and every year, in the only way that matters: brackets. Join Greg, Mike, and Ryan, as they discuss what makes a film matter now vs when…

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PopFilter Podcast Episode 165

It’s all Prince all the time, in this extra-special Prince filled episode! Listen to the friends review 1999, Purple Rain, Sign O The Times, and Bresson’s The Devil Probably (because he’s the Prince of Lies). And it all kicks of with a Rushmore of Princes!   Email us to get your opinion on the show:…

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Nostalgia is a beautiful thing. It let’s you reminisce about the bittersweet past in the warm glow of the present, never really remembering how awful that past was. This mixtape does it’s darndest to remind you the best, and worst, of 1999 music. Let’s all party like it’s 1999, a much sillier time when we…

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