luciferpictureLucifer Morningstar aka The Morningstar aka The Fallen One aka Beelzebub aka the Prince of Darkness aka Owner of Lux aka Iblis aka the Serpent aka the Silver-tongued one aka Lucy has a bit of an attention problem. He’s lost in his phone, just like those damn kids these days, heads down walking into traffic twittering the day away on their candy crushes and snapchats. Expect he’s doing it on purpose, so he doesn’t have to think about how pissed God will be at him once he finds out Lucifer is not in fact going to send his mom back to Hell. Got all that? Good! Because it’s a whole lot of fun, and the Taste Buds dissect the ever-strengthening character arcs in this seemingly simplistic procedural and they want you along for the ride!


Ollie works out his trust issues on Arrow!

Shades keeps taking off his shades on Luke Cage!

Barry strands Iris far away on a date and she’s fine with it on The Flash!

Butch and Ed vie for Penguin’s affection on Gotham!

Fire fights fire and guns and quakes on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.!

The “Legends” get no respect from Nazi-fightin heroes on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow!

Times are a changin’ on Supergirl!

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