The Super Hero Hour Hour 10/13/17 – Riverdale

It’s the season premiere of Riverdale! On the first week of the Showpocalypse, the Taste Buds focus on that sleepy, creepy, never-eat-Peeps-y town that took their lives by storm not one year ago. Can the runaway train keep on rolling down the track? Or would a runaway train not be on a track? If a train comes off of its track, does it stop immediately, or does it crash right through your living room? All of these answers…AND FEWER…will be answered on this very special episode of The Super Hero Hour Hour!


  • Another episode of Buy or Sell!
  • The season premieres of Supergirl, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and Arrow!
  • Old, boring reviews of old boring shows, like Gotham, Lucifer, and Fear the Walking Dead!


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