The Super Hero Hour Hour 10/06/17 – The Gifted

The Gifted has come to dig into the “everyday” family life of the X-Men Universe, and the Taste Buds have their say! Will it live up to X-everything that has come before? Do the C-List mutants Warpath, Blink, Polaris, and Flashlight-Hands have what it takes to carry a show where the Brotherhood and the X-Men are missing? Will the Super Hero Hour Hour get a bump because part of our theme song was used in the pilot? Is mutie a worse slur than exie in this universe? To help Mike and Ryan tackle all of these questions, video game critic Joanna Nelius pops into the studio to say thing or two about a thing or two. Plus a very special interview with former Gotham set designer Anna Pasz! And on top of that, reviews The Defenders, Gotham, Lucifer, and Fear the Walking Dead! 

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