Ding dong the Ryan is dead, which means chaos reigns as the remaining Taste Buds turn to some quick soft shoe to fill in the gaps. Mike and Taylor take on the brand new Netflix show The Defenders, which is in fact a sequel that unites Jessica Jones from Jessica Jones, Daredevil from Daredevil,  Luke Cage from Luke Cage, and that whiny rich kid from Iron Fist. Will the strength of the other three be able to lift Danny? Will the four dispirit tones smash together in an appealing way, like some sort of delicious fusion food, or an unappealing way like a tie-dyed shirt with too many colors? There’s only one way to find out and that’s probably watch the show OR you can tune in and find out what the T-Buds think! Plus Herr Starr and Jesse finally meet on Preacher, Wynonna Earp disappears because of a magic trophy (?!?), and there’s a whole bunch of super-androids like 2 on Dark Matter! But most importantly, Mike and Taylor mourn their friend by counting down their favorite ‘ship choices in a very special edition of the SHUSHIES!


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