Sometimes the Taste Buds come into the studio hungover and tired, barely limping over the finish line. And other times, they pull their friend David in and the show is a whirlwind of analysis and jokes that makes all the fellas wet and all the ladies hard. That was this week’s show folks– David, Ryan, and Taylor tore down and rebuilt the newest episode of Powerless, along with everything else that aired last week. And as your unbiased intern, I can honestly tell you, the things they had to say brought tears to my eyes. It made me rethink my life, my relationship with my father, my chosen career, everything. I’m sure the show would’ve changed your life too. But Producer Dave got a little tipsy and lost the whole thing, so instead let’s do a good ol’ fashioned throwback show!

Thanks to a Kickstarter Backer to help fund the gorgeous website you’re currently peeping, Mike and Ryan had to watch and review Deadpool three times.  So to remind you why you loved Deadpool, and as an apology for our lost episode, and in honor of Josh Brolin being cast as Cable and the release date for the sequel (06/01/18), here is that very special episode!


  • Ryan and Mike review Ryan and Mike reviewing Ryan and Mike!
  • The OC obviously gets brought up (probably)!
  • Next week, Gotham returns and the Taste Buds chow down on a healthy helping for your listening pleasure!

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