BATTLEWORLDBATTLEWORLD ROUND 3, BATTLE 6 Follow the bracket here! SIEGE #1-3 VS  HOWARD THE HUMAN #1   The five intrepid soldiers who took on the task of finding the single best Battleworld title have spent as much[…]

Super Hero Hour Hour 9/12

In this very special episode of SuperHeroHourHour, Ryan and Mike look to the past and swing into The Amazing Spiderman from 1977. Just because there are no new comic book TV shows this past week[…]

PopFilter Versus: Tom Cruise

Ryan and Mike tackle the career of one the longest running, most successful movie stars and narrow him down to one film he’s allowed to be known for. Which will it be?!


RUNAWAYS # 1-3 VS SQUADRON SINISTER #1-3 Have you ever met a girl that you tried to date? But a year to make love she wanted you to wait? Let me tell you a story[…]


HOWARD THE HUMAN VS SECRET WARS SECRET LOVE You might have noticed that both of this battle’s contestants have been reviewed before. There is no Howard the Human #2. There is no Secret Wars Secret[…]