Nutflex 026 – Mountains May Depart

Nutflex 026 – Mountains May Depart

After placing Italian, Spanish, Persian, Thai, French, Norwegian, and German language films on the list, the Taste Buds decide to see if a Chinese language movie has what it takes. The movie in question is 2016’s Mountains May Depart, currently streaming on Netflix. The foursome battle it out to see if this non-linear film, which tackles the past and future of China, as well as a couple of Chinese people, which right off the bat means it’s going to be a tougher watch than Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. Will it be too tough to make the list? Or will it be just the right amount of tough for these tough lovers?


  • the most famous characters who never change clothes!
  • the creation of a Mountains May Depart theme park!
  • ranking the movie’s most devastating moments!
  • and much, much more!

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