The OCD Episode 7: Caleb’s Birthday Party

THE OCD 7: CALEB’S BIRTHDAY PARTY On this episode of the OCD, Ryan’s uptight father, Mike, comes for a visit along with his new girlfriend, Taylor, a 24-year-old model. Mike does not hesitate to speak his mind and immediately angers both Greg and Ryan, and browbeats Taylor, with constant criticism about their backgrounds, while Ryan…

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The OCD Episode 6: The Long Beach Party

THE OCD 6: THE LONG BEACH PARTY Mike and Ryan discuss the fifth episode of The OC! Download to see what they thought! On a very special episode of The OCD, Mike gets a job at a crab shack, so Ryan gives him a gun. Meanwhile, Mike takes Ryan golfing, where Ryan insults Mike a bunch. This forces Mike…

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The OCD Episode 5: The Cotillion Ball

THE OCD 5: THE COTILLION BALL   Mike and Ryan review the fourth episode of The OC! Download now to see what they thought! On a very special episode of The OCD, Mike and Ryan make their Newport debut at the Cotillion Ball! Ryan wants to dance with himself, which of course leaves Mike to pout in the corner. Meanwhile,…

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The OCD Episode 4: Vegas Night

THE OCD 4: VEGAS NIGHT It’s Vegas Night, baby! And Mike and Ryan don’t even know how the money they are! In the episode that changed everything, Kirsten visits Ryan in Juvie, bails him out, and then when his mom attempts to run away from Ryan (again), Kirsten decides to adopt Ryan. All of that only…

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The OCD Episode 3: Burning Down the House


THE OCD 3: BURNING DOWN THE HOUSE On this episode of The OCD, Luke and Ryan burn down Kirsten’s model home! Mike and Ryan discuss hundreds of thousands of things, including the rise of Julie Cooper and the faltering homophobia of Luke! Also, don’t forget to Visit Us! Shop With Us! – Like Us!…

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The OCD Episode 2: The Fashion Show Fundraiser


THE OCD 2: FASHION SHOW FUNDRAISER The OCD boys take on the Fashion Show Fundraiser! After miserably failing to get to the first episode of The OC in their first episode of The OCD, Mike and Ryan finally celebrate the wonder that is the weekly Newport event. This is where at all begins, as a…

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The OCD Episode 1: The Pilot

OCD episode 1

  THE OCD 1: THE PILOT It’s the first episode of the hottest podcast of the summer, tackling the hottest show of the summer of 2003!  Join Mike and Ryan as they deal with their Orange County Disorder and break down every detail, every kiss, every backstabbing, every Chrismukkah, every indie band, every bagel, every…

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